Friday, 30 January 2015

Goody Bag Candi.........

Morning All!

Hope it's not too cold, snowy or wet wherever you are, a great excuse for a craft filled weekend when the weather is too bad to be out and about.

I've had very little time for crafting recently but always need a few cards, this week was no different and you know what it's like when people know you create, you just can't produce a shop bought card!  I needed 2 sympathy cards, a new home one and two for a little 'just thinking of you' note.  Wasn't sure what I wanted to do so just thought I would get out my very fab goody bags from the recent sale, such variety and as always great value and ideal for mix and match.

Here are my 5 cards, plain and simple and as always featuring Candi - after all it is Friday!!

A little pot of Candi blooms to wish friends well in a new home, a whisper of starlight stickles too!

Just a white double bow with a bloom........

Plain & Simples!

I cut out the corner and popped sentiment underneath......

Little flutterbys.......

I used the 'waste' from die cut bloom petals to make flower bigger......

Hope you like!

Wishing you all a really lovely weekend, with hopefully a little time to indulge in some crafting. Keep warm and stay happy, see you back here next Friday.........

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Workshops at The Great Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza Show!

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all well on this rather wet and windy Wednesday down South!

Great news!  Exciting news!  The Workshops for GNPE are on-line and available to book now!

There are a wonderful selection of Breakfast Workshops to choose from and also Morning and Afternoon Workshops on both Friday 13th and Saturday 14th March with lots of your favourite Crafty Guests from Create and Craft TV!

Your chance to spend some time crafting with them, creating something special to take home with you.  We have Liz from Tattered Lace, Anna Marie from Anna Marie Designs, Debbi from Debbi More Designs and me from Craftwork Cards.  We also have Crafty Expert Karen from MDF Man so lots of different products, techniques and styles to pick from.

Spaces are limited so don't delay and book your seat today!  Click here to see full details of all the Workshops we have on offer!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Velvet Plum and Scrumptious Makes

Craftwork Cards have done it again - Scrumptious and Velvet Plum are another stunning pair of collections, and the new double bows make the perfect embellishments. I had a couple of weeks to play with them, and here are my creations, including home decor, upcycled boxes, a few cards and a handmade notebook...

Wrap a drinking powder container in the papers, cutting the outer an inch higher than the container and wrapping it over the top before lining the inner. Add a journal card sentiment, flowers and spruce up with some Stickles.

Perhaps my most favourite topiary tree to date, this features an 8" polystyrene ball covered with Velvet Plum flowers and embellished with Liquid Pearls, Stickles and a couple of double bows. The planter is made from greyboard, painted black and lined with more of the papers. The bead mulch is stuck down with ModPodge Dimensional Magic.

I made this using the oval frame punch from Woodware, embellished with Flamingo Liquid Pearls and Star Dust Stickles.

This time it was the hexagon frame punch, embellished with Onyx Liquid Pearls and Thistle Stickles.

Same again, with the addition of Black Diamond Stickles and Majestic Purple Liquid Pearls.

Back to the oval frame again, this time with Thistle and Lagoon Stickles and some more Flamingo Liquid Pearls.

This is an old Guylian chocolate box, covered with the Velvet Plum papers. Wouldn't you know, the box is exactly 8" wide, which made covering it even easier.

Decorate the top with a double bow and a half to make the rosette.

And the pesky edges? I made my own washi tape using microporous tape from the first aid box, stamped using the coordinating stamp set with Jet Black and Plum Archival Inks and heat setting before I applied it to the box.

This garden bench started out as a window box card, also featured on the Create & Craft TV shows earlier in the month. Full details of how I made it are available on my blog.

Finally, Tracy Jones, one of the Facebook Fan Page members, asked me to decorate a notebook with some of the Craftwork Card papers. Well, I didn't have one to hand... so I made this one from scratch. Carry on reading to find out how.

Until next time,


Sunday, 25 January 2015

My Scrumptious Samples by Kath Woods

Hi Everyone,

I almost missed writing this post - I thought it was my turn next weekend!  Anyway I got to play with the Scrumptious papers from last weekend's Weekender on Create and Craft and I'm going to share the samples which I made for the shows.

First up is a double-sided wreath which I made using the Scrumptious Bows Pad.  I used one of the Craftwork Cards wreath bases and painted it with pale pink acrylic paint.  

The complete wreath comprises 20 bows (10 double bows) - I made up 2 bows and stuck them together offset as shown, then repeated this 4 times so that I had 5 'blooms' for the front of the wreath.  Each of these has a little die cut flower in the centre and a piece of Candi on which I used Glossy Accents.   Next I made 5 more 'blooms' using the same colour bows as for the the first 5.  This meant I could have the back of the wreath exactly the same as the front - I am a little OCD about having things matching! Here's another picture to show the detail.

Then I made a little basket using two window box cards which I had trimmed down, joined together and added a base to.  This was actually going to be a little planter but I didn't have anything to use as feet - I suddenly had a light bulb moment and decided to add a handle and make it into a basket. The cards and flowers are available here.

Here's a side view of the basket:

Finally here is a picture showing the flowers on the handle and the chocolates with which I filled the basket.

My third project was a bag of chocolates for Martyn Parker who launched the Weekender with Julie.  This isn't a good photo but some of these chocolates are in a cellophane bag.

Here's another picture.  I did a tutorial in October on how to a make a Christmas version of these. If you click here, you'll go to the relevant blog post.

Next up is a frame card in a box, I lined the insides of both the lid and the base of the box.  Here is the lid:

Close up of the double bow and the flowers:

Here's the card itself:

This picture taken from the side shows the dimension of the box:

I also added papers and a journalling card to the inside:

Last but not least is my Blooms wall hanging.  I cut down a piece of thick cardboard/chipboard to the same size as the 8 by 8" papers and used this as the base.  The lettering was cut using the Tim Holtz Wordplay die.

Here is one of the scruffy blooms:

Finally this picture shows the detail on the roses.  Although you can't see it, both roses have a delicate shimmery finish and are also inked with Victorian Velvet Distress Ink.

That's all from me for today but, as always, I'd love to know what you think of my projects so please leave me some comments.

I am back again on the Monday 2nd February, so until then keep warm and I hope you are all enjoying these amazing Scrumptious and Velvet Plum products.

Kath x

Friday, 23 January 2015

Flowering velvet plum..........

Happy Friday all you lovely crafters!

Back again, as promised, with a step by step to making the 'bow' flower that some of you requested details for after Julie's shows last weekend.  I didn't get to see any but I heard she was her usual amazing self and the demos were fab too!  Hopefully,  you have received your parcels and can start making stunning creations, how lucky are we that Craftwork Cards are soooooo wonderful at what they do.  This flower is so easy to do, you can build it layer by layer/petal by petal and make as full as you like, just keep adding. I have done simple boards, to show the steps to creating the one below, if anyone would like me to email the boards please contact me - email at end of this post.

Christmas  Challenge Winners: James Reeves, Yvonne Tram, Lucille Spence  - pls em your details

Finished flower, you can use what you like in the centre, I have used a pearl in this one

Another version with a Candi bloom centre.......

You will need:
  • Quite a few fabulous Craftwork Cards double bows
  • 2 pieces (or more if you fancy) of 5"x5"/4"x4" of matching papers (optional layers)
  • Some punched/roughly cut paper discs (only one will actually be visible on the back)
  • One small die cut flower (to decorate disc on rear)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Candi or gems for centre
  • Florist wire,wooden skewer or anything else you can use for a stem
  • Paper to make leaves

  1. 2 pieces of paper 5" x 5" to make 'flower' backing
  2. Bow with lines drawn on where to cut to make petals (don't think you really need this!!)
  3. Petals
  4. Fold petals in half
  5. To make open petals, fold in half & cut a curved slice from the folded edge
  6. Open petal & little petals
  7. Little petals can be placed on larger for dimension and interest
  8. Rough cut discs to give strength whilst layering and to cover 

  1. Cut paper to 5" square and 4" square
  2. Fold in half and then half again (missed pic of 2nd fold - sorry!)
  3. Fold in half diagonally
  4. Next fold (harder to do as this paper is heavy) bring point of triangle to long side and fold
  5. If needed, mark a curved line with pencil from fold line to near bottom of opposite edge
  6. Cut along curved line to make flower
  7. As paper is heavy, it's hard to cut so trim petals once opened out
  8. Trimmed flower
  9. Layer smaller flower onto 5" flower

  1. Use one full bow and 4 petals to make 1st layer
  2. Add petals between those on 1st layer and secure in middle with a disc of paper to strengthen
  3. Add another layer and another disc
  4. Alternate colours of petals if liked
  5. Pinch each petal to crease down the middle
  6. Add some little petals in centre of flower
  7. Fold more full petals, gale ends and pop here and there between layers
  8. Fold open petals and add here and there on top layer and between layers
  9. Add more little petal on open petals in centre

  1. This (above) is what you need to finish your flower
  2. Twist 3 strands of florist wire together to strengthen
  3. Glue onto back of flower & cover wire ends with disc flower 
  4. Glue pearl into centre of flower
  5. Cut some leaves from green card and use more wire to attach to stem
  6. Finished flower
Here is my finished flower!  You can make as many layers as you like, using as many petals and layers as you fancy, if you don't want the large paper flowers at the back, just leave them off.  
If you want to pop in a vase, I would use two flowers and glue back to back with stem between layers, this would give a lovely 'full' flower and look really fab......

I hope you have found this helpful today, I'll be looking forward to seeing your bow flower creations.  I would really like some with Candi flower centres to show on the blog next Friday, if you have any to show off please email to me at - as always there'll be a giveaway/prize!

Have a great weekend, keep safe and happy and hope you don't have ice or snow! See you next Friday

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Focus on You - Hello 2015

Hi everyone Happy New Year and a big WELCOME to my monthly Focus on You Post.  Thanks so much for dropping by today to see us.  I hope that you all enjoyed the Weekender shows over on Create and Craft at the weekend with the lovely Julie.  Hope that you were able to get some of the fabulous Craftwork Card goodies put into your baskets.  I would love to feature YOU right here on the blog.  I know lots of you are great fans of Craftwork Cards so please feel free to e-mail me your makes at and I will do the rest! Don't forget that there is a prize every month for one lucky person featured here on the blog.

So back to Focus on You for January, as always I've got some rather lovely creations to show you all from you the lovely customers.  But before I do here are details of December's prize draw.... drum roll please....

I picked a name out of my "hat"

and the winner is....

Michele please email me your home address and I will arrange for your prize to be sent to you.

Right back to this month and in no particular order first up is:-


Next is:-

Next is:-
Next is:-

I think you will agree yet again that we have some super talented crafters out there!  Please keep up all your crafting and keep taking those photos so that you can send them through to me!!!

The prize up for grabs this month is......

Year book of Flowers

Base Coat Tag Pad

So folks until next time.....

Happy Crafting