Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Crafting Angels - half term with Craftwork Cards

Morning Everyone

Bit of a different blog from me today as I haven't made anything for you - no time, lol!!  The real reason for my post today is two fold, to let you know who the lucky winners of Pop Up Challenge No. 2 are and  also to give you an agenda for what we are planning over the half term period for your little angels, hope they too will grow to love crafting like us grown ups do.

Here's what will be winging it's way to someone very soon......

Firstly..... Drum roll please........

Blog winner:  Sandra Boyland
Comment winner:  Natalie Reeves

Congrats ladies! Please mail me you full addresses and I will get your pressie out as soon as I have someone to go to the post office, Candilovebycwc@talktalk.net

Half Term Fun for Crafting Angels  -  (I will post this on the CWC Fan Page too) - here is how it
should run, life happens and from time to time we need to change things around but hopefully the
agenda will stay as is. We are going to be making/up cycling some Alice bands and some Candi rings and hair slides - thought I'd let you know this in case you wanted to buy any bits e.g. ring blanks, in preparation! Please note that we request when sending pics of what your little ones have made you only send pictures of the creation, in the interests of child safety we will not put any pictures containing children on the blog. Here goes ......


27/10  -  Monday

Grand opening with beautiful project by an amazing little girl, a 5 year old who has been crafting since she was just 2!

28/10  -  Tuesday

Competition Day (to be announced)

29/10  -  Wednesday

Neil Burley's amazing Alice Band - this is one for the girls to make and wear or the boys to make as a gift for someone.  Make sure you have a band so that you can get busy and make one. The great thing too is that Neil is going to give away the one he has made, I have seen it and it's really, really beautiful.......

30/10  -  Thursday

Challenge day - very simple card challenge (to be announced) with an example or two to give ideas/inspiration.

31/10  -  Friday

Simple Candi ring and hair slides - step by step tutorials by Marie Chillmaid and makes given away as prizes when we see what the Crafty Angels have created....

1/11  -  Saturday

Simple cards from scraps - using the bits grown up crafters leave - to make some lovely cards - Marie Chillmaid

2/11  - Sunday

Marie Chillmaid -   scrunched no cut flowers - using flowers and some bling to decorate a hair band

3/11  -  Monday

'Show off day'  -  mini crafters day to hog the limelight on the blog (pictures of their creations sent to date) all you mums, dads, aunties, nan's, grannies and granddads etc. had better get on the blog and leave them a nice comment too!

4/11  -  Tuesday

Kath Woods - a 'surprise' tutorial by Kath - she makes fab things!....... If you are all good and show us what you have made Kath will send her creation to one of you!

5/11  -   Wednesday

Tina Boyden makes great things too - how to make an empty toilet roll pretty! Fab tutorial by Tina who will send her empty but very pretty toilet roll to a lucky winner.......  that is only if you send us a photo of what you have made with an empty roll!

6/11  -  Thursday

Pot Luck Surprise day.....

7/11 - Friday

Close of young crafters fortnight with:-
More showing off of your 'angels' fab creations
prize winners to be announced

Let's hope lots of your little 'angels' will enjoy some crafty time - how better to spend a few hours especially if the weather is bad............

Back soon, Friday I think!!  Hugs, 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Pop Up Challenge No. 2 - White Space

Morning All!

Here we are again with more gorgeousness from our wonderful fans and customers, the theme for this challenge was 'White Space' and that's just what you've given us. Indulge yourself with the wonderful creations and inspiration below, in no particular order .............

Vicky Blackburn

Deb Jones

Sandra Boyland 

Lucy Spence

Christine Pease

Michele Coffey

Laura J Taylor

Janine Appleyard

Kay Hulbery

Gail Loynes 

Amanda Lake

Wow! Once again ladies, you have done yourselves proud.  Thank you all so much for taking part in our second Pop Up Challenge, check back tomorrow to see the results of random draws -  remember to keep an eye out for the next one, it will just 'POP' up!!  Big hugs,  back soon.........

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Tissue Box Up-cycle........

Morning all.......

Hope you have a lovely Sunday.  One project for you today, an up cycled tissue box.  I couldn't throw this in the bin when it was empty as I love the shape and thought it would be nice with a little fab CWC embellishing.

Pop up Challenge:  the lucky winner is Jackie de Silva on the blog and Heidi Thompson for the comment winner, congrats ladies and please mail me your addresses so I can send your pressies. Another challenge coming sooner than you think - check the fan page and CWC FB page for details.

Here is what I did: 
Forgot to take pic of empty one! Here is what it looked like

Took out top piece and covered and Candied (I did line the inside first with some card for more stability before covering with paper

Made up some fab CWC die cut flowers

Cut some strips to curl and spiralled some hand cut circles and made leaves

I use a fine crochet hook to curl and twirl....

Here they are all such in place..

Some bling in the centres, pearls today.......

Here's a close up with pearls, put some whittle gems on some of top row Candi

The finished article...... All from a simple empty box!

Hope you have enjoyed, if you have and you have a go would love to see your pics!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and will be back very, very soon with another pop up challenge - watch the Fan Page for an announcement.  Big hugs, 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Pop up Challenge No. 1 - PINK

Morning lovely Crafters

Happy Saturday and oh what a treat I have in store for you today!  Yesterday I ran a 'pop up' challenge, our first ever, and have truly been blown away by the response, 14 of you whipped out the card, papers and bling and got crafting to produce the fab creations you see below.  I think the great thing about the 'pop up' is that you don't know when it's happening, so you just have to get down to it and produce a master piece in no time at all........

One of these lovely ladies will be picked at random and have a surprise package of goodies winging it's way to her next week, it could you next time.  There is also a prize for someone leaving a comment on the blog tomorrow.

Here they are (in no particular order)  the PINK master pieces...... Enjoy and let these lovely ladies know what you think on the comments page. 

Kay Hulbert

Deborah Jones

Christine Pease

Julie Dodds

Sandra Boyland

Wendy Pemberton

Eileen Cox

Julie Johnston

Maureen Scott

Gail Loynes

Janine Appleyard

Heidi Thompson 

Jackie de Silva

Vicky Blackburn

Thank you again everyone who entered, you are really fab! it's been a great day, watch out on Sunday for the prize winner and keep an eye on the Fan Page for the next challenge.  Have a fab weekend all....