Friday, 31 October 2014

A flowery young v older pop up challenge.........

Morning girls, boys and crafty grown ups.....

Friday again and no idea why it's here again so, so fast! Changing the running order a little today as I have had a bit of a hectic week - totally unplanned as usual but that's life, so I'm going to do today what I had planned for the weekend and to top that off am going to put a challenge up to 'big people' as well as you girls and boys.  

Here's what we're going to do; below I'm going to show you, step-by-step, how to create a no cut/no punch flower using a piece of beautiful Craftwork Cards paper.  When you have created your flower/flowers the challenge will be to incorporate it/them into a card and send us a picture of your creation at

Let's get started: 
Take your sheet of paper and tear in 4 pieces

Scrunch each piece as tightly as you can

Uncurl pieces but don't flatten too much.....

Tear a rough circles from each piece, making each a little smaller than the last 

Don't throw out the bits from around the edges, we're going to use them too.....

tear off the corners from your left over trimmings

With the coloured side facing you roll up,  folding paper back where you have wider pieces.  When rolled let go and then glue end to side to form a 'bud'

Layer up your scrunched circles popping a dot of glue between each

Glue bud into centre

Catch flower between thumb and index finger and give a little squeeze to add a little more shape 

A finished no cut/no punch flower

I promise to enter into the fun and made a card from my flower too.......  have fun! Back tomorrow with a paper/Candi jewellery tutorial.  Happy crafting, bet you boys and girls can beat us older 'big' people - don't forget to send your pictures........

Big hugs,

Thursday, 30 October 2014

From loo roll to woodland feathered friend!

Hi everyone its my turn up on the blog today to continue on with our Crafting Angels week.  I hope that you and your little ones have been following along with our blog and that our projects are keeping you all occupied and most of all having lots of fun!!

So for my project you will need:
1 empty loo roll
round hole punch
petal punch
googly eyes

So here is my little tutorial for you today - have fun!!

Cover loo roll in your choice of paper
Now shape one end into two points
With a petal punch cut just two petals to create the "feet" of your owl - for mine because my punch was large I folded it in half and trimmed it down to the size I wanted.
Once you've glued your "feet" in place punch out lots and lots of circles from contrasting paper.
Start to layer up your circles.
To create your eyes cut two large circles from white and two small from black cardstock.  I then added the googly eyes to the centre of mine.  If you don't have these just cut a smaller circle from white paper and draw a black dot into the middle to create your eye.
Voila! your finished owl.  I sat my owl onto a large flower for the purposes of my photograph.
Now its your turn!  You could create a whole family of owls!

We would love to see any of your projects that you've made this week using our inspiration and Craftwork Card products! Please email your photo (just your project, not you!)  With your details to Marie at  They will be included in a post at the end of Half Term week here on the blog.

So I do hope that you and your little ones will have great fun creating your own little owls.  Just change the papers for a completely different look!

Until next time....

Happy Crafting


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Paradise Head Band

Here's my idea for sprucing up a very inexpensive alice band, using the Paradise papers and flowers. The flowers are mounted on an acetate support so that you can get them away from the hair line, and with a little strip supporting a butterfly, you'll get some movement as well. It's double sided too! The band is also packed up and ready to be sent out as one of the prizes for those taking part in our Half Term Fun for Crafting Angels.

Here's a short guide to making your own:

Firstly, if there are 'teeth' on the inside of the alice band, a small section of them about an inch long needs removing. A sharp knife, or a nail file, may do the trick. Don't slice off fingers doing this!
Next, cut a circle around 8cm in diameter from a sheet of acetate, and then cut a 'H' shape from it as shown in the photo.
Using extra strong double sided tape (e.g. the red tape) on one of the D-shapes, wrap the centre of the H-shape around the band where you have removed the teeth and stick down. I've highlighted the resulting see through support in my photo.

Now all that you need to do is decorate the support on both sides with the flowers made from whichever Craftwork Cards papers you choose. Remember that things like the butterflies are often symmetrical, so if you cut out two the same they can be stuck back to back. The red butterfly is two copies stuck back to back onto a strip of acetate. Embellish with beads and glitter glue, and make sure everything is dry before you wear it!

Just one more thought - if you'd like it to last a little longer, you could cover all the different pieces with a varnish first.

We'd love to see your makes!
We'd love to see what you make using Craftwork Cards products - it doesn't matter which kit you use. Please email your photos (just your project, not you!) with your details to Marie at - they will be included in a post on the Craftwork Cards blog at the end of half term.

Until next time,


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Candi counting fun.........

Morning little crafters

Here we are on day 2 of half term, hope you are all having lots and lots of fun.  Did you all see Nia's beautiful card yesterday? Hope you did and that you will make a card for someone special this week. If you do you could ask someone to take a picture and send it to us (, there are lots of crafty prizes to be won.

For the rest of the week we will be showing you how to make a beautiful flowered Alice band, a lovely woodland bird from a toilet roll centre and some Candi jewellery, all with step by step instructions to make it easy for you.  At the weekend you can learn to make a flower, like the one below - you just need some paper and glue, no scissors or punch needed!!

COMPETITION TIME - this will keep you guessing ................

How many pieces of Candi do you think are in my tin??  

Let me know the number, with your name,  ( and you could win a crafty prize - I think I need to go and count them now so I know the right answer, it wouldn't do if I got it wrong, would it!?  Feel free to have more than one guess.

Neil will be with you tomorrow showing you how to make a beautiful Alice band, don't worry boys you can make yours for a sister, cousin or any girl you know! Tina will be here on Thursday with her fab woodland creation and I will be back with you on Friday.  Looking forward to all your pictures, have fun......

Monday, 27 October 2014

Nia's shares her beautiful creation ......

Morning Crafting Angels

Half term holiday!  I bet all you little ones are so pleased not to have to go to school today and just in case you get bored we though we would bring you lots of little projects that you can create over the holidays.  Today, one of our youngest crafters has shared with us a gorgeous card she's made, Nia loves pink and has used lots in this card, even the envelope has been beautifully decorated too.

Here's Nia's amazing creation - she is only 5!  

Look how pretty Nia has made a plain envelope look

Nia's auntie has written to let us know how she made her card.... and here's what Auntie Amanda said........
"Nia wanted to use the things she won via Tina's blog post draw and also use a stamp and promarkers.  As she won the Afternoon Tea pack there was candi so she chose the stamp she could use candi on and colour in. Nia has her own ink pad (an old one of mine) and she inked this herself and put it on the back of a Craftwork Card doily because she liked the pattern! Then she coloured in the stamp and used the candi.  Nia LOVES flowers so the opportunity to make her own proved exciting.  I showed her how to curl and shape one flower from my set and then off she went and 
actually did the rest herself, no help from me.  The centre is a faux pearl which I cut from a string of them I bought in a charity shop for 50p and which I use for flower centres as something different.  

I ended up making a base card because what Nia wanted to use we didn't have a right sized card for! So I did that whilst the flowers were drying.  Nia wanted to use pretty paper and a Martha Stewart punch as she loves those.  I cut the paper and held the paper but Nia punched the designs, that was just a little bit too hard to explain and get right.  Being a little girl she also wanted a pink ribbon so I stuck that on.  I then showed Nia how to make a scruffy flower.  I only showed her once and she copied me (and gave her brother and her Mum a lesson in how to make them the next day!). I put the paper where she told me but all the other placements Nia did herself with her own glue.  She was very pleased with what she made and insisted on making a decoration for the envelope.  She's keeping this card to give to her Mum sometime :)

Thank you Nia, your card and envelope are beautiful, you are a very talented little girl xxx

What a lucky Mummy Nia has, she will be so happy to receive this card and I'm sure will treasure it forever.  I bet all of you girls and boys could make your own cards, why don't you have a try and ask a grown up to take a picture and send it to us with your name to  When I get your creations I will put on the internet so all your friends and family can see them and be so proud of you.  There are prizes to be won too!!  Happy crafting..........

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Wreaths Galore...

Hi Everyone,

Well, Autumn is definitely here now that the clocks in the UK have gone back an hour.  It will soon be Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Today I'm going to share some wreaths that I made for the Club Class event on Create and Craft. I probably should mention that there are a lot of photos in this post.

I was given the Starbud Wreath kit to work with along with the Year Book of Flowers. So here we go with the first wreath which I made using the Starbud kit.  I think I may have mixed the two the colour ways together as I took all the flowers from the sheets and couldn't remember what went with what!  It proves that everything mixes and matches though.

Here's a close-up of one of the types of flower on the wreath:

This is the other type of flower - you probably can't see in the picture but I added burgundy glitter glue to the centres of all of the flowers.

I made the second wreath using a chipboard heart base which I painted with sage coloured acrylic paint then added seam binding for the hanger.

Here's a close-up of one of the main flowers; I inked all of the edges with Bundled Sage Distress Ink.

This is one of the scruffy flowers made using the long strips which form part of the kit:

For my third wreath I used some of the flowers from the Year Book on a round base which I painted with pale pink acrylic paint.

Here's a close-up of the scallop circle flowers - I just scrunched several of these up, opened them out and layered them on top of each other before adding a little daisy and a piece of Candi.

This is the big flower which has a scruffy flower as its centre and you can also see the roses which are on either side of it.

Number four is a mini wreath on a small circle base from the kit which again I painted pale pink:

I kept this one fairly simple to show that these still look good without lots of layers and shaping. Normally I would have added glitter glue to the Candi but this was the last wreath that I made and I wouldn't have had time to let it dry.

Here's a close of the main flowers in the centre:

Number five is a rose wreath made using roses from the Year Book on a heart base painted with stone acrylic paint.  I've left gaps between the roses on this one to show that you don't necessarily need to fill the bases with flowers.

Here's a close-up of one of the colour combinations of the rose.

This is the other colour combination:

Finally another wreath from the Starbud Wreath kit:

This is one of the flower combinations:

And here is the other; I added Stardust glitter glue to the centres of all of the flowers.

That's all for now but I will be back during the half-term week with a giveaway.

Please leave me some comments and let me know which is your favourite wreath.

Kath x